Email from Sensei Mark Bates for JKA Northern Members


It is with a very heavy heart I need to announce the temporary closure of JKA Northern Suburbs Melbourne.  As of today, we are suspending classes in line with current advice from the government.  This will be a temporary closure and we will resume when it is safe to do so.  I will advise in due course if we can provide online virtual learning and communication for our membership.ate


Karate can easily be practiced while in isolation and I heavily encourage you to do so.  Please teach your karate to other family members to make it more interactive and fun. This does take what I call, ‘kitchen karate’ to another level but consistent practice will not only make students better but will also create a routine.  Please create a regular time to practice your karate each day/week.  Feel free to send me videos of you doing kata or Kihon any time.  I encourage you to share your karate on our Facebook page to inspire and encourage our karate community.


I wish everyone well through these trialing times.  Please stay safe and I will be seeing you all again soon.