We, at JKA Australia embrace the philosophy of building on strong foundations concerning individual character and developing worthy lifestyle principles. We aim to reinforce the traditional bushido (Japanese warrior conduct) ethos of improving personal growth with a code enforcing moral principles, loyalty, honour and achieving your very best. We believe that karate develops character that transcends in all aspects of life. Our instructors and mentors guide your children and continually strive to develop qualities that will assist them in coping with all situations in life.

We emphasise manners, etiquette and respect as core principles followed by commitment and perseverance.

JKA Australia equips students with the knowledge concerning essential self-defence techniques for assertiveness and protection. Children are prepared to react in bullying environments, therefore parents can rest assured their child will not succumb to emotional or physical injuries associated with bullying. So, whilst karate is about speed, power, flexibility, precision and knowledge, it is also about being able to effectively apply skills learnt in training for everyday circumstances.

Parents notice the development in character and ability. Our instructors can tailor training sessions or have differentiated classes to accommodate our students’ varying abilities and to ensure that they are in a safe, suitable and enjoyable environment. Students learn at their own pace whilst parents remain assured that the instructors are aware of capabilities, ability and focus on the next stage of development.

Parents are welcome to sit in classes and observe the development of their children.

What can JKA Australia do for your child?

Our students develop:

RESPECT: Showing the proper attitude and communication skills when communicating with adults, mentors and the wider community.

DISCIPLINE & COMMITMENT: Being able to continue and strive for the best results. This includes the ability to focus and concentrate to achieve optimal performance in completing the set task.

CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM: By successfully completing set tasks and knowing that in everyday life the “never give up attitude” is important, whether academic, social or sports.

RESPONSIBILITY & PRIDE: In completing training at the very best of their ability, listening to instructions, following instructions, taking care of their appearance, uniform and attending classes on time.

OBEDIENCE: The ability to follow instructions and have trust and reassurance that seniors or instructors provide information having your personal interest and safety at heart.

CONCENTRATION & FOCUS: An increased ability to apply attention for a period of time.

COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Understanding instructions and being able to demonstrate the intended message verbally or physically (body language).

PATIENCE: The ability to calmly wait until your efforts are required without the constant need for constant interaction when not required.

EMPATHY: Displaying understanding when injury or varying circumstances occur and being able to assist when required.

MENTAL AGILITY: Thinking quickly and applying the correct solution concerning self-defence techniques or problem solving.