Ueda Sensei Tour 2020 at JKA Sunshine Coast

Newsfeed from JKA Sunshine Coast Shotokan Karatedo

“Ueda Sensei Seminar. What a privilege to be able have an insight to his knowledge. Thank you so much and we look forward to having you here again.”





Ueda Sensei Tour 2020 at JKA Bribie Island

Feed from JKA Bribie Facebook

“Ueda Sensei’s energy filled each Dojo. He is a dynamic Karate-Ka with abundant enthusiasm for the art.
He reinforced the five key points which define JKA Shotokan karate:
technique (ie. big movements, long and deep stances); speed and agility; power executing movements; kime and focusing not only target but mind and soul; loud, meaningful kiai.”