Victorian Junior League Competition

2nd Round | June 2022

The 2nd round of the Victorian Junior League Competition took place on Sunday, 19th June 2022.

Following on from the 1st round held on April 2022, our Victorian junior members once again participated in the event to build on their experiences and gain more confidence in a competition setting.

All competitors performed superbly and with great spirit.

For some of the participants, it was their first time taking part in the event. Despite this, they were still able to perform fantastically and showcased their best karate.

For returning participants, it was clear to everyone that their karate have improved since the 1st round back in April. This goes to show the amount of effort they have put towards their training to continue improving their karate.

Thank you to Mark Bates Sensei of the JKA Northern Suburbs dojo for hosting and organising the event, and to the instructors for volunteering their time to help in organising and judging at the event. Last, but certainly not the least, thank you once again to the parents/guardians for playing their part in continuing to encourage our members to participate in the event.

The third and final round of the Victorian Junior League Competition will be held on 11th September 2022. More details to follow.

Set out below is the scoreboard after 2 rounds of the Victorian Junior League Competition:

Group 1
NameJKAA BranchPoints
Dinara D.Northern Suburbs9
Miya L.Northern Suburbs7
Lena Y.Greater Melbourne6
Eyosiyos S.Greater Melbourne4
Myra S.Greater Melbourne4
Mona Y.Greater Melbourne2
Maariya IGreater Melbourne2
Erin M.Northern Suburbs2
Group 2
NameJKAA BranchPoints
Jay S.Shepparton30
Mia N.Greater Melbourne23
Zayd B.Greater Melbourne9
Leonardo A.Northern Suburbs7
Aito S.Northern Suburbs5
Ibrahim I.Greater Melbourne5
Group 3
NameJKAA BranchPoints
Madie J.Wonga Park10
Winsome T.Healesville10
Lucas A.Wonga Park4
Group 4
NameJKAA BranchPoints
Jayden S.Greater Melbourne19
Danidu D.Northern Suburbs13
Isaac R.Greater Melbourne10
Tanya S.Greater Melbourne9
Thisath D.Northern Suburbs5