Featuring the Mildura Branch of JKAA

The Mildura Branch has been in existence since 1966. It began as an annex to a local youth group and for the first time offered Karate to the district. The style of Karate practiced by the Mildura branch was Shotokan and remains till this day.

In 1975 the Mildura Branch joined the Japan Karate Association (JKA) and remains today the longest continuously operating dojo in Australia. Mildura Branch has 2 highly qualified Instructors who regularly attend Instructor Seminars in order to further develop their karate skills. The JKA Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan insist that their Instructors are accredited by HQ and provide regular opportunity for members to take accreditation examinations for instructing, judging and kyu-grade (coloured belt) examinations.

All JKAA Instructors have current Working with Children Police Checks and possess first aid skills. The risk of injury while practicing JKA karate is extremely low. Our instructors have always ensured that training is appropriate and matches the skill level of the participant.

Instructor Profiles

Philip Young

Started Karate training with Mildura Dojo 1981, aged 27
Obtained Shodan  (1st Dan) | 27/08/1985
Graded to Godan (5th Dan) | 18/02/2007
JKA Japan Licenced Instructor, Examiner and Judge.
Special rights to conduct Kyu and Dan Grading.
Position within JKAA: Chief Instructor.

Ron Brown

Started Karate Training with Mildura Dojo 1966, aged 17
Mildura Dojo Joined JKA 1975
Obtained Shodan  (1st Dan) | 24/08/81
Last Grading Godan  (5th Dan) | 08/12/17
Became Branch Head | 1995
JKA Japan Licenced Instructor, Judge and Examiner.
Position within JKAA: Executive Chairman.