Minutes 2019-12-15



Minutes of JKAA Executive Committee Meeting.

Held by Skype, Sunday 15th December  2019.

Meeting opened 8:15pm

Present :- T. Nishimura, R.Brown, P. Bertok, P. Classon.

Previous Minutes.

The Minutes of the last Committee meeting held on September 7th 2019 were read and confirmed.

Moved by R Brown seconded by T Nishimura. Carried.

2020 National Seminar.

The latest income and expenditure estimates were discussed and it was agreed the event should go ahead based on these estimates.

Moved by R. Brown seconded by P.Classon.    Carried.

Inclusion of Non JKAA Members at National Seminar.

Moved by T. Nishimura, seconded by R. Brown that Non JKAA Members belonging to other JKA and Shotokan organisations be invited to take part in the seminar only. (no competition)        Carried

Branch Name Change.

A request by Mitcham branch Head Michele Ross to change the name of her Branch to “Eastern Suburbs” was discussed. It was decided that before a final decision was made, R Brown contact the head of the closest Branch to Mitcham, (Kew) for their input.

JKAA Email Account Policy.

  1. P Bertok requested that the JKAA Committee formulate a policy statement regarding the use of JKAA email accounts.
  2. P Bertok put forward the following  policy statements.

Proposal for email account policy along the following lines.

      • JKAA email account is to
        • Facilitate communication within JKAA
        • Project an organisational image in external communication
      • JKAA email account is given to people for the above purposes, it is not intended for private communication.
      • JKAA email server is not for long-term storage. Users should archive their emails elsewhere.
      • JKAA email accounts can be assigned to active JKAA members only.
      • JKAA is not committing any additional resources to email, email has no financial support. Email shares resources used by other tools, such as web page and the CRM, and hence the available space/quota is very limited.

Some lengthy discussion took place and it was moved by R.Brown seconded by T Nishimura that the policy be adopted with the additional line, “There will be two types of email accounts. One type can send and receive emails at the JKAA email address, the second type can only receive emails at the JKAA email address.”


Departure of Yoshihisa Akiyama.

T Nishimura reported that Yoshihisa Akiyama is permanently leaving Australia and the he will be taking charge of the North Melbourne Branch.

Next Meeting    To be arranged on a needs basis.

Meeting closed 10:16pm