Minutes of JKAA Annual General Meeting Sunday 13th September 2020, 10:30am

Minutes of JKAA Annual General Meeting

Sunday 13th September 2020, 10:30am.

Meeting held on Zoom



Declare Meeting open.          Meeting opened at 10:30am

Record members Present      T Nishimura, R Brown, P Classon P Young, T Dent. I Cook,

G felipi, J Wilmot, B Zaldarriaga


Ensure a Quorum is present             Chairman declared a Quorum is present.

Call for Apologies       Apologies accepted. S Murphy, C Horgan, B Cook.

Call for Proxy Voters (if any)             Steve Murphy, C Horgan


Confirm minutes of 2019 AGM          Proposed   P Young, that the Minutes were an accurate record of the 2019 – 2020 AGM       Seconded T Nishimura.


Business arising from the Minutes   None


President        R Brown Presented and read presidents report on the activities of JKAA for the 2019 – 2020 financial year.            

Proposed   T Nishimura that Presidents report be accepted.     Seconded    P Young


Technical Board   T Nishimura reported on the activities of the Technical Committee and outlined the administrative changes taking place at Headquarters Japan.

Proposed   I Cook that the Technical Board report be accepted. Seconded P Young.


Treasurer P Classon presented the financial statement for the 2019 – 2020 financial year.

Proposed Ron Brown that the financial report be accepted.            Seconded P Young      Carried

Election of office bearers

  • Determine the Number of Ordinary Members. (if any.)

Proposed R Brown that there be a maximum of 2 Ordinary Members elected.

Seconded Ian Cook.

  • R Brown declared the chair and all offices vacant.

R Brown appointed by Meeting to conduct elections.

Elections took place in the following order.

President. Gerard Felipe.  President.  Nomination by T Nishimura, Seconded  R Brown.

            Being the only nomination, Gerard Felipe declared elected unopposed.

Vice President . Bryan Zaldarriaga. Nomination by T Nishimura. Seconded R Brown.

            Being the only nomination, Bryan Zaldarriaga declared elected unopposed.

Secretary.  Tony Dent. Secretary. Nomination by Self. Seconded R Brown.

            Being the only nomination, Tony Dent declared Elected unopposed.


Treasurer.       Paul Classon.  Nomination by Self. Seconded R Brown

            Being the only nomination, Paul Classon declared elected.

Ordinary members.  There were no nominations for ordinary Members.


Determination of Fees for the next Year. T Nishimura proposed a motion that annual fee be increased to $90 with $10 returned to Branches.

T Nishimura spoke in favour of his proposal stating that a financial incentive to Branch heads may increase the likelihood of members paying their annual registration fees and therefore reduce the number of members training unfinancial, and therefore uninsured.

Various members present spoke against the motion pointing out that in light of the current global pandemic and the financial difficulty families are suffering at this time, it would be wise to leave registration fees as they are.

Both Proxy votes instructed to vote against the motion.

Moved R Brown, Seconded I Cook that fees remain at current level of $75



Special resolutions.

  1. Special resolution from Pierre Brits. Pierre Has asked that the following be tabled at the AGM.

Please explain why you are happy to allow certain individuals to grade within the JKA HQ requirements for Dan grades waiting periods. Then enforce your rule JKAA for others?

  1. Nishimura outlined the reasons behind the difference between the training period required in Japan and the policy of JKAA.

R Brown suggested that this was not a matter for an Annual General Meeting and that the issue be referred to the technical committee for a response.


Meeting closed 11:58am