TB Bulletin 5

Ueki Masaaki Shuseki Shihan Now 10th Dan

Masaaki Ueki, Shuseki Shihan of the Japan Karate Association has been awarded with the rank of 10th Dan.

Yasunori Ogura Shihan, the Executive Director of the Japan Karate Association has been awarded with the rank of 8th Dan.

Both Ueki Shuseki Shihan and Ogura Shihan are coming to our nationals jointly organised by JKAA and JKA SKC in October 2019 in Melbourne.

The joint national seminars with Ueki Shuseki Shihan and Ogura Shihan from the JKA HQ will be held on the following dates:

Thursday      24th October 2019

Friday            25th October

Saturday       26th October

Sunday          27th October


The details of venue will be advised later.

Importance of Timely Renewal of Accreditation

The JKA HQ is enforcing the timely renewal of accreditation.

The rule is that the accreditation must be renewed before its expiry. It has been decided that if the expired qualification does not get renewed within 6 months of its expiry date, the member must re-sit for an accreditation examination. In such a case the class of accreditation previously held, i.e. Class A, Class B and Class C will be forfeited and the member will have to start from Class D accreditation again.


The 2nd Asia Oceania Championship

The 2nd Asia Oceania Championship will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on the 17th and 18th August 2019.

There will be three sections, Junior, senior and veteran sections.

There will be the Australian selection competition on Saturday the 11th May 2019 at Rowville Secondary College, West Gym to select the members for the Australian National Team.

A number of JKAA members will be competing on the 11th May 2019 for the positions in the Australian national team.

JKAA will be sending to the 2nd Asia Oceania Championship the following judges who hold Class A and Class B judge’s accreditation:

Takaatsu Nishimura           Class A

Philip Young                         Class B

Ron Brown                           Class B

Opening of Mitcham Branch in Melbourne

The JKAA executive committee has received from Michel Ross an application for a new branch, the Mitcham Branch in a suburb of Melbourne.

The branch head and instructor is Michel Ross. This is her second branch.

They will be training initially once a week on Friday morning.