Women’s Squad

The inaugural training session for the Squad took place at JKA Melbourne Kew Dojo, 23 Highbury Grove, Kew, at 1pm to 3pm on Saturday, 26 May 2018.
JKA Australia Inc has formed a Victorian Development Women’s Squad to come together on a regular basis and practice all aspects of karate. It is directed at women (and older girls) who are black belt, however, some brown and purple belts will be considered if they are at a high level. Please contact Sensei Kim (Main Menu of this page -> Branches -> Victoria -> Kew dojo -> Contact Form) if you wish to be considered for selection to the Squad.
The Squad is coached by Sensei Kim and when available, Sensei Cory Parker, Sensei Takaatsu Nishimura, Sensei Bev Cook and Sempai Yoshihisa Akiyama.
Bring mits, chest guards and mouth guards and some money to chip in for the hall hire costs.

The most recent training featured Nishimura sensei as guest instructor. Sensei took the members for a repetition punching logon exercise and then kicking kihon excercise and explained the importance of repetition training to develop instinctual responses in combat. He also gave the squad some kicking kumite drills focusing on front kick and use of angles. The training finished with team kata and synchronised breathing.

The training was followed by an end of year celebration dinner at a local restaurant.