7th JKA Australia Instructors Seminar

The 7th JKA Australia Instructors Seminar will be held on 6-7 November 2021. The seminar will be conducted by members of the JKAA Technical Board: Phil Young Sensei; Greg Symons Sensei; Ian Cook Sensei; Gerald Boyle Sensei; and Roy Bower Sensei.

This Instructors Seminar will be covering a variety of topics, including: teaching for juniors; the katas, Jion and Bassai Sho; kumite; and judging for competition.

Due to current COVID restrictions, this seminar will only be held online via Zoom.

ELIGIBILITY: JKA Australia members who are 2nd Dan and above or hold a JKA Instructors’ Accreditation.

Registration ends on 1st November 2021!

For more information about the seminar and on how to register, please open the link to the Seminar Program below: