The following members will form the JKAA’s new Technical Board, effective from 1st July 2021:

JKAA Chief Instructor:

Takaatsu Nishimura Shihan, 7th Dan

JKAA Deputy Chief Instructor:

Phil Young Sensei, 5th Dan

Technical Board Members:

Greg Symons Sensei, 5th Dan

Paul Holmes Sensei, 5th Dan

Roy Bower Sensei, 5th Dan

Gerald Boyle Sensei, 5th Dan

Ian Cook Sensei, 5th Dan

The aim of the JKAA technical board is to develop the traditional JKA karate which emphasises solid stances, strong ‘kime’ and dynamic techniques among JKAA members.

The Technical Board also aims to improve the standards of JKAA branch heads, accredited members, and general members on a national and regional basis.

The newly structured Technical Board will implement various technical programs to achieve the above aims.

The Technical Board Bulletin can be accessed below: